A Little Bit About Myself

Sep 12, 2020
Prairie Hills Enrgraving's Owner- Alex and Fallon

Prairie Hills Engraving’s Owner

We would like you to meet Prairie Hills Engraving’s Owner- Alex Hendricks

Alex has grown up/ lived in Belle Fourche, SD all of my life. I like it here, not to big, not to small lots and lots of stuff to do on weekends/nights. With the Black Hills just 15 minutes away, that is where my liking of the outdoors comes from. There are many trails for hiking/biking around and even though my lungs are in better shape than my dad’s I’ll go slow for him so he can keep up #getwrecked. Skiing and snowboarding are my winter activities, while you won’t catch me doing double cabs or triple corks, you can find me weaving in and out of trees, or you’ll probably see me picking up a slow sign after Fallon also Prairie Hills Engraving’s owner (also known as Jerry) runs through it.

He played soccer all four years of High School and I still play here and there, but mostly stick to indoor soccer now. I went to college at Western Dakota Tech in Rapid City and received an Associates Degree for Computer Aided Drafting. I am working for Western States Fire Protection as a designer for fire sprinkler systems for residential houses. (p.s. Fallon, these are inside the house and not the ones that water your lawn…..) At WDT is when I first used a laser engraver which I honestly only used once, and I was intrigued. I researched and watched videos for months, then finally decided on the one I wanted. When my roommates (my parents) told me I could not keep it in the basement that is when I got the shed, which was their idea so I think deep down they wanted to keep me around because they would have missed me if I moved out right away!

That is pretty much everything about me, I look forward to learning more and engraving everything I own!

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