The Lego Jig

Sep 13, 2020
A wooden wine bottle opener laying on the lego jig

The Lego Jig

Legos are pretty awesome, and they are even more awesome when you can use them to make your jobs go faster! From a young age I was in love with Legos. We had a Rubbermaid tote full of them. Thousands and thousands of pieces that were always being built into something different everyday.

One of main pieces that I would always use was a large base plate. It was the foundation for everything. If you still have one of the build plates for Legos and a bunch of Lego pieces, you can use that to make a jig to make your jobs go faster. I used them for a customer that ordered a bunch of wine bottle openers. I set the origin of my laser and once I had everything lined up and good to go, I built a frame around the wine bottle opener with the Legos. This made it so when one piece was finished I could pull it off the bed and put the next piece in the frame that I had built with the Legos. This saves a lot of time since you do not have to check each one to make sure it is lined up.

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