Laser Engraving A Salmon

Jul 26, 2021
Laser Engraving a Salmon

Laser Engraving a Salmon

I was at the store a while ago gathering my groceries for the week when I came across some salmon. I thought to myself “Oh boy do I sure like salmon” so I bought the salmon along with my other groceries and took it home. When the time came to cook the the salmon, I had just finished engraving some orders, and this amazing idea hit me…. Is laser engraving a salmon possible?

I thought I needed to try and see if it was possible to laser engrave a Salmon! Well since Fallon wasn’t home and she couldn’t tell me no, I slapped that salmon onto a cookie sheet and hauled it down stairs to my laser engraver. Since I had never engraved a fish or for that matter any type of food before, I was lost for settings. I did what anyone should do when testing something new. I hit that sucker with as mush laser beam power as I could! To my surprise, it actually engraved the fish and was legible. After I cooked it and made a brown sugar glaze for the fish, the logo was hard to see. Regardless of the engraving it tasted great, and I cannot wait until I find the next strange item to try and engrave.

Enjoy the video of the engraved salmon below!

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Dr. Evil saying "Frickin Laser Beams" because laser engraving salmon is cool